Extractions or Oral Surgery

Surgery services are provided by Lakewood Family Dentistry to care for our patients where the best option to correct a dental concern is dental or Oral Surgery.

Tooth Extractions

If you have teeth that were broken by trauma or damaged by decay, our dental team will try to repair or save your teeth through use of restorative dentistry such as fillings or crowns. If your teeth are damaged beyond repair, it may be necessary to extract those teeth. However, damaged teeth are not the only teeth requiring surgical extraction, the most common teeth extracted are wisdom teeth.

The extraction of wisdom teeth may be required to make additional room in your mouth. Wisdom teeth may be extracted before the fully come into the mouth if the teeth are blocked by other teeth. Wisdom teeth generally enter your mouth during your late teens or early twenties.

We work with excellent oral surgeons in the area that can take care of oral surgery needs that may require specialty care.

To learn more about wisdom teeth extraction or for emergency dental services, contact our office.